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i feel the grasp of your hand still;;

bent so close we nearly kiss, although we NEVER will...

I AM YOUR FRIEND;; an itsuki/kyon community
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Welcome to itsukyon, an Koizumi Itsuki/Kyon community. blah blah Itsuki haet personal space blah blah Kyon loev personal space blah blah Itsuki is gay for Kyon, not nessicarily the other way around blah blah yes this is a yaoi community don't let teh gayz infect you blah blah experienced is a silly mod! And that's all you really need to know.

rules and such

1. We will respect all members opinions here. This is not a bashing community, and I expect everyone who joins to be polite to other members. Yell, scream, holler, and whine in your own journals. Anyone who is found purposely starting flamewars will be banned.

2. On that same topic, no trolling. This needs no explanation.

3. All R/NC17 content must be put behind a LJ-cut WITH PROPER WARNINGS. I bet there's gonna be some people who view this from work/school/whatever and most people probably don't want their boss looking over their shoulder and seeing porno. I'll be going on a three strikes policy here -- three strikes and you're out.

4. Speaking of fanfic, fanart, and SPOILRZ LOLZ (dike spies!) please put those under a LJ-cut too. Some of us (gasp!) run on dialup and some of us (gasp again!) haven't finished the series yet. Yes, those sad souls exist.

5. Please stay on topic. This isn't a community for Kyon/Haruhi (psst, try kyonharuhi) or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya itself (psst, try sos_brigade). This is a community for the pairing Itsuki/Kyon. Feel free to go wildly off topic in the comments, but any posts that say "FATE/STAY NIGHT IS AWESOM111!!111!! SABER IZ HAWT" or something to that effect will be deleted.

6. I'm going to be corny and add a have fun note. :D